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Meeting Your First Love

First loves are a journey - an adventure to discover your likes, dislikes and everything else about you. Inspired by fashion woes and the difficulty to express our individuality, we've come up with an incredible companion, the My First Love Collection starring our Luna Modular Interchangeable Bag. Luna is the bag for days when everything felt off. The accessory to customise and match our mood. Luna is the bag that we can like and dislike at the same time; the experience we seek to grow from - just like our first love. While some of you have already gotten the chance to meet her, there are some who are just about to. Up until recently, our Luna series has only been available online. For those who prefer to see and feel, we're delivering the Luna experience to you. Come visit our Northpoint Outlet to mix and match Luna's components (base, cover flaps and straps) in-person — building the perfect bag just for you. Appointments are now available every Friday on a first-come-first-served basis here. *Do note that appointments will only be available every Friday, between 12 noon to 9 pm at our Northpoint City Outlet.

But that's not all - meeting your first love in person is just one of the little surprises we have regarding the collection. To date, Luna has only been available as a bundle set, inclusive of X1 Bag Base, X2 Bag Flaps, X1 Faux Leather Strap and X1 Chain Sling Strap. Starting 9 April 2022, we will be launching another variation of the set - specifically for those that know exactly what love looks like to them.

Introducing our new bundle, inclusive of X1 Bag Base, X1 Bag Flaps, and X1 Strap of Choice. Those quick for the grabs will be entitled to a 5% online promotion*, while it lasts.

*Do note that purchases during Luna Appointments will be entitled to separate promotions for all bundles. See here for more information.

Seek the first love that empowers you. Written & Edited by: Ameerah F.

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