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My First Love Collection

You've seen our newest and most exciting addition to the TGS family - the Luna series. The collection is plastered across our lookbook, stories and IG feed.

& that's about it. You've SEEN Luna but do you KNOW her?

Luna was inspired by fashion woes and the difficulty to express our individuality. We've all had days where everything felt off. Every accessory just didn't seem to match our style or mood, throwing us off our game right at the start of the day. With Luna, we do not need to match our styles to the accessories but match Luna to us.

Luna is the end of these bad days. Whether you are feeling grungy or preppy, simply change out her flap colour and strap to attain the desired look. Luna is THE function of beauty - melding versatility and beauty to complement the wearer at any time of day, on any occasion and in any outfit.

Luna is the bag that blends into our lifestyle. It cheers us up by adding fun to personalised fashion and it calms us down by pulling our appearance together. Luna becomes a superpower for women to adorn - one that empowers us with the freedom to express, choice and love.

Celebrate the freedom, love and inclusive superpower gifted by Luna. Seek the first love that empowers you.

Coming soon, 13 November at 12pm.


During its launch, My First Love Collection will be launched as a bundle, inclusive of X1 Bag Base, X2 Bag Flaps, X1 Faux Leather Strap and X1 Chain Sling Strap. There will be a total of 3 bag bases and 8 bag flap colours to choose from.

Tune in to our IG live, happening prior to launch (before 12pm on 13 November12 pm) for special discounts, limited to the first 5 purchases only.

Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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