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Midnight Odyssey

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Dress-up play allows anyone to dream, hope, and use their imagination. It permits us to express our personality and current interests -- it's an advocation of independence and self-care. With Midnight Odyssey, you'll find the classic silhouettes that you'd give your dolls to wear.

Midnight Odyssey combines adult expression and the childish fun of dressing up, a proper toast for fun after hours.


Beth Mini

Dressing up casual for errand day? Beth Mini pairs well with any flowy dress, blouse and jeans. It's the kind of bag where you'll fit your essentials to-go and some extras, just for fun (like an iPad Mini/sketchbook).

With its chic exterior, you'll never be out of place on days where you feel like getting out of the house, just because! So let Beth Mini be your new dump bag -- an actual upgrade in style.


We all love the classic baguette, but they tend to be a little too petite for those that need a more oversized satchel. With Celina, you'll have all the space and more to fit your dailies.

So, strut the moon-shaped fashion with Celina, the timeless cut that will prove to be your go-to handbag.


Scrunchies are adorable and have been making a steady comeback, so who wouldn't love a mini bucket bag with a scrunched top handle? Awe your friends and family with dainty styles and Damien, the kind of bag with which you want to exude sweet tones.

Whether hand-held or sling, Damien makes any women shine with demure feminity.


Though structured bags are famous, some styles look better with a slouchy and smooth satchel. So if glow-ups were your new year resolution, step up your casual couture with Hilda. Its material and semi-round silhouette make it perfect for quick everyday errands and streetwear debuts.

Edgy and stylish, Hilda is the bag that will top outfits and convenience.


Pillowy cylinder bags are our favourites -- adding a touch of charm and softness to the overall look. So bring out your alter ego and dress sweet with Kyle, the petite bag that can pack some punches.

Going small doesn't necessarily mean downsizing your necessities. With Kyle's spacious interior, you'll have a girl's night with everything you'll ever need.


Chest bags have been minimal these days, but we're bringing it back! For all the top-tier boyfriends and street girlfriends, Lisa is just the edgy bag you'll need. With its soft PU Lether exterior and unconventional design, Lisa is ideal for your black on black fits and high cut boots or handsome athleisure.

Not only can it look the part, but Lisa is also perfect for days when you have a few extra things to carry. And when you need to pop in a few more essentials, the front zipped compartment has your back to keep those small-but-crucial things organised — ideally cards, keys and trinkets.


Samantha is the original classic handbag -- the bag our dear friend from Mattel carries and the contour we etch when describing bags. What's better is that Samantha comes in a delectable doll-size version, the statement piece for the woman in red.

While its shapely exterior beckons attention, style isn't Samantha's only trademark. Coming with an organised interior, you'll never have trouble finding your fundamentals.


The collection for fun after hours.

Coming soon, Saturday, 22 January 2022 at noon.


Written & edited by:

Ameerah F.

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