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CNY Picks: 2022

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

With the Chinese New Year bazaar being cancelled for the second time in a row, we are all scrambling thrift shops and online fashion stores to piece together a poetic outfit for the New Year.

So you've done your hair, got your dress and even customised your jewellery at Chinatown Street Market - what's left is an alluring carry-all to complete the look (and to fit your necessities and red packets!)

Here are our top picks for bags this Chinese New Year!


Versatile & Modular (Luna)

Save time and money - why opt for 15 different bags every day of the festive period when you can mix and match with Luna?

No matter the outfit - patterned, bold, loud, demure - Luna is sure to match. Coming in a slew of parts, you'll be able to interchange three different straps and eight cover flaps to create an entirely different version of Luna - perfect for you and the fashion week that is the Lunar New Year.

Chain Bags (Celeste, Gina & Lotte)

What's a festive season without a bit of sparkle and gold? Celeste, Gina, and Lotte can elevate any red dress to its fullest potential with gold adornments. The classy allure will help bring in all sorts of health, wealth and prosperity this year.

Not only is Celeste every girl's dream to live as a Pinterest model, but Lotte is also designed to carry everything you'll ever need while visiting. But if you prefer the in-betweens, Gina's the bag for you.

From showing sophistication to being the perfect go-anywhere bag, these chain bags are the one to beat.

Compact & Minis (Adana, Bailey & Wilna)

Are you the girl who has it together? The girl who knows exactly what she needs to bring and how much space she really needs in her bag?

Well - strut from door to door this new year with the compact and mini beaus, Adana, Bailey & Wilna. Not only are they handy-dandy to carry around your touch-ups and "ang baos", but they are also the cutest toppers to any fit.

Shoulder Bags (Ambar, Faith & Finley)

Spilling over from 2021, shoulder bags are the fashion trend proving to be ever-so-timeless. So, just like the traditional nature of the festivity, put a touch of classic to your modern couture with Ambar, Faith and Finley.

They are the bags that go well with any look while endowing ample space for all your festive finds.

Festive Cuties (Lovelle)

Pillowy bags are totes-adorbs.

With a cylindrical silhouette like Lovelle, anyone's bound to think of the pineapple tarts you'll be downing this coming holiday. It's the perfect touch of functionality and cute festivities to your look.


As a new year approaches, we scramble to find new clothes, accessories and bags!

At THEGREYSPACE.CO, we stand by our statement where you can always "Find something with us." So, this Lunar New Year, let us decorate you with trendy, inexpensive bags specially curated for any occasion.

Use code <CNY10> for $10 off your order when you spend above $88, and <CNY18> for $18 off when you spend min of $108! Valid from 15 January to 6 February 2022.


Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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