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Holiday Gift Guide: For Family

Buying a gift for a family—whether it's your own or someone else's—can be tricky.

Everyone has different interests, especially when various ages and generations are involved. In that case, gifts that celebrate family bonds (like a personalized cup or bottle) or help you spend time together (like styling our Luna bag) are the best way to go, because everyone can appreciate the gifts together.

Introducing the Holiday Gift Guide for family -


Personalised Everett Cups

Matching cups are a cute yet mild way to celebrate the familial bond.

Everett is great for any family member - from elderlies who love hot beverages to kiddos with their iced soft drinks. The cup features an astounding capability to hold 350ml and keep your drink hot or cold for 6 to 7 hours.

Not only that, for workers within the family that are also on the go, Everett is also equipped with an airtight lid to prevent spillage of drink.

The perfect sleek thermal cup for families.

Millie Pouch

Gifts for the family are more than about buying for the individual - they are gifts that celebrate the bond as a whole. Organise your family time with our Millie Pouch.

For example, do you have tons of card games at home? Keep them in this pouch - stamped with the category "GAMES".

Other uses for Millie can be storing art supplies, small electronics and game consoles, travel documents and more!

Luna Modular Interchagable Bag

Have a sister or mom that always borrows your clothes without permission? Add our modular bag to the mix! With its unique ability to change flaps and straps according to personal style - you and your female family member are practically wearing 2 different bags. Just like the sisterhood of travelling pants, sharing the same bag but styling them slightly different creates an unbreakable bond - perfect for the endearing family.

Enjoy 10% off when you use code: LOVELUNA

​Applicable for Luna Bundle Set only.

*Promotion valid till 31st December.


What would make a great gift for family? Let us know below!

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Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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