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Holiday Gift Guide: Budget Edition

On a budget? No fret -- affordable gift ideas are our speciality! If you have a super long shopping list curated for friends, family, colleagues and other loved ones this holiday season, you've probably thought of how much you'll need to cut down on food and diet in the coming months. Although it's a great start for new year resolutions surrounding weight loss, spending beyond your means isn't ideal. & no true friend will appreciate your self-sacrifice for their personal enjoyment.

The holidays can definitely equate to spending a bunch, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. With this curated list of Christmas bundles, you'll be able to give quality and practical gifts while staying within budget.


$20 Bundle

Participating in Secret Santa this year? Get your Santee an inexpensive yet practical gift. He/she will no longer misplace their small items like keys, Tracetogether Tokens, Cards and other miscellaneous with our $20 Bundle.

Originally priced at $26 to $31 (without any personalisation), you'll now be able to save a fraction for our classic Keychains X Ellie Pouch, Terrah Pouch or 7C cardholders.

A budget-friendly yet quality gift.

$25 Bundle

Getting a token of appreciation for a colleague? We've got you covered.

With our $25 bundle, you'll be prepping your work friends for the busy year of 2022. From home to face-to-face meetings, this bundle is sure to be heavily utilised every step of the way.

Mix and match our keychains with our Layla Lanyard, Enya Notebook or Anders Cardholder. The perfect gift for any professional relationship.

$30 Bundle

Maybe your friend is sentimental - the kind who loves to keep her thoughts and things in personalised goodies.

Gift him or her the bundle curated for any occasion - the $30 bundle. With a wide variety of items to choose from, you can now personalise the perfect gift for any type of person, including the light errand-runner or the travelling journalist.


For inexpensive gifts for any person tis' season - shop now at THEGREYSPACE.CO!

For more gift guides, check out our blog here.

Written & edited by:

Ameerah F.

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