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The Creation Of

My First Love

My First Love is a collection designed for us women – the modern folks, romantic dreamers, day to night explorers, and persevering women. It's one that seeks to celebrate, encourage and empower women.

Luna was inspired by fashion woes and the difficulty to express our individuality, so we want to change that narrative and we want to celebrate a new fashion freedom with you.


Luna is designed to be styled by you, for you.


Luna Starter Bundle Set (New)

First loves are a journey - an adventure to discover your likes, dislikes and everything else about you. Inspired by fashion woes and the difficulty to express our individuality, we've come up with an incredible companion, the My First Love Collection starring our Luna Modular Interchangeable Bag.

Introducing our new bundle, inclusive of X1 Bag Base, X1 Bag Flap, and X1 Strap of Choice. Those quick for the grabs will be entitled to a 5% online promotion*, while it lasts!

Luna Cover Flap

Our Luna series is the must-have modular bag, coming in a slew of interchangeable parts. Now that you can build the perfect bag, we know you can never have one flap too many!

Coming in both velvet and smooth finish, our Luna flap will exude classy fun by adding colour to any outfit put together by you. Whether it’s fashionable colour blocking or toning things down, these flaps are the ones to reach out for when going through the motions of your daily repertoire.


Luna Pro Bundle Set

The My First Love collection centres around Luna, Singapore's First Modular Interchangeable Bag, made to blend into our lifestyles by melding versatility and movement. With a variety of detached flaps, base colours and slings to choose from - Luna changes the way we see bags and how we accessorise.

*Bundled exclusively. Bundle is inclusive of X1 bag base colour of choice, X2 detachable flaps, X2 straps and other fun freebies.

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