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Gentle Edge

Fast fashion is harmful in more ways than one - not only do they pose extensive environmental impact, they also ingrain beliefs that we will never be fashionable unless in trend.

Allay your anxiety and outfits woes with a timeless, classic piece. As they always say, trends and fads may come and go, but the classics are forever.

Just like an orange flower in a green bush, give yourself a gentle edge with our timeless designs in this collection.


Avery Totebag

Every girl needs a large tote bag. For what purpose, you may ask? Well -- anything.

Our Avery large tote bag is designed to be fashionable yet practical. Combining the need to look good on an ultra-busy day, you can place your bets that Avery will be the A-veryday bag to carry all your essentials.

Impossibly chic in all its dimensions, there's no need to worry that you'll ever go out of style with this number. From casual cafe date to work, Avery is tote-ally the one!

Featuring a spacious interior, functionally organised with two inner compartments and a central divider. 14" laptop? Not a problem anymore.

Jaycee Sling Bag

For the downtown-chic kind of gal. Wait - scratch that! Jaycee is for every girl.

Its sleek and boxy silhouette is anything but a bore. Dramatize your vibes with this little number that can go from cute to edgy in a matter of style.

You'll never go wrong with a timeless handbag like Jaycee. Need to switch it up? Go around town with her over your shoulders!

Ralph Wallet

If anything, the pandemic has taught us is that we own WAY too many things.

Something about staying home all week has forced us to slow down and appreciate what we have. If it's still good, why buy new?

We're not going to say, don't buy that dress; because, let's face it - materialism is a form of self-care! Instead, indulge in practical yet beautifully timeless pieces like Ralph.

Ralph is a modern wallet with a touch of luxe, thanks to its fastening mechanism.


"Classics are forever." Give yourself a gentle edge throughout life with minimalistic and forever-trendy designs by THEGREYSPACE.CO

Editor: Ameerah F.

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