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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

What was once a holiday season is now an errands-only month. From travelling overseas, we now exit the house for urgent errands and short “under the block” or nature-filled dates.

Efficiency is key in times like this, where packing light and only leaving room for essentials can damper our moods to dress up.

Keep in mind that minimal is in style for this errand season. So, get ready with us, your minimalist besties, for some suggestions to run errands with functional fashion.


Grocery Runs

All you need for a grocery run is your phone, your transport card and cash/card payment. “Only 3 things?”, well yeah and here’s how you can pack them up.


Dump your bare minimums into a minimalistic, casual sling bag like Rykiel. Coming with an internal zip and pocket compartment, you’ll be able to compartmentalise and organise your belongings to maximise shopping efficiency.

Keep your phone in the main, spacious compartment and cards inside the pockets of the bag. For any miscellaneous things like loose change or keys, keep them safe by securing them in the zip compartment. Small, light and easy - the perfect bag for a quick grocery run.

Before we move on, let’s not forget how Rykiel adds a contemporary grit to any outfit, donning gold hardware and a PU synthetic leather strap that highlights its minimal and functional design, lending itself perfectly to any occasion - even to look a touch more dolled up for the supermarket.


Okay, so you have pockets. That’s great! One less item to bear on your shoulders.

Store your smartphone in your pants - carry only your cards and cash around your neck with Laura. Coming with an added side zipped compartment, Laura allows you to store both coins and cash while keeping your cards easily accessible!

Only need that one card? Even better - simply tap and go for a quick, contactless shopping experience.

Want the whole family to shop safely and efficiently? No fret, keep it personal by monogramming your name (or street name) onto this PU synthetic leather product.

Functional and pretty, the perfect errand gal for this season.


Not a fan of carrying things on your shoulder? Keep it traditional with our 7C Cardholder. While it can't pack a punch as Laura can, it's perfect for the typical membership collector and cashless customer.

Simply pack a few of your most important cards and you’re ready to head out - quick and easy, the two things we truly need on essential errand runs.


Just Dates

There’s really not much to do now that dining in is prohibited and you can only head out in groups of 2. It’s times like these when social media couples get a little creative with their dates.

All over Instagram, you’ll find yourself watching a fellow user going out on nature walks with their significant other, appreciating the greens and the time spent together. Planning to give this a go? Well, lucky you because we have some must-have essentials picked out for you!

Personally, I went on an 11km nature stroll recently with my other half. My must-haves are a small, lightweight backpack and a thermal water bottle.


All I have to say is that somewhere around the 3-hour mark, you’ll be craving a cool and refreshing beverage.

With our Milan Thermal Bottle, you’ll be able to bring along 500ml of ice water that will stay cool for up to 10 hours! Not only that, you’re bound to walk past water coolers (if you’re strolling on a park connector route), where you can refill cold water for the journey you have yet to cover.

Made with stainless steel for the body and a BPA free designed leak-proof lid, Milan is perfect for outdoor use like these nature dates. Pack one for yourself and your S/O, making it even cuter by customising him/hers with our variant of fonts and colours. A must-have for a nature date - Milan Thermal Bottle.


Yes, a stroll is meant to be relaxing - but do not underestimate the things you’ll have to prepare and bring for a long walk. I personally needed space for my wallet, umbrella, water bottle, tissues (both wet and dry), sanitisers and snacks!

With all these things in mind, you’ll want to pack light too! What better way than to carry our lightweight backpack, Marlena. Though she looks sweet and compact, her spacious interior is sure to fit all your necessities. Not only that, Marlena weighs less than half a kilogram, ensuring that you won't be carrying extra weight on your long stroll.

What’s more is that her special stitching design gives your workout gear a pop of character, especially important since the nature stroll is still a date with your S/O!

Cushion soft, functional and comfortable for you to carry, Marlena is the perfect mid-size backpack to go on an outdoor date with!


With that, we’ve covered the TWO main reasons you’ll be heading out till the heightened alert subsides. Planning to shop our picks for these occasions and more? Don't we have a surprise for you!

Use code <TGS10> for 10% off all products sitewide with no minimum spend (excluding personalisation fee) from 1 June until 14 June 2021.

Prefer physical retail shopping? No worries, a 10% storewide discount will be added to your bill automatically when you purchase from our stores!

So what are you waiting for? Shop now at THEGREYSPACE.CO

Till’ next time,

TGS Team

Editor: Ameerah F.

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