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Introducing our Christmas Bundles

& we've finally made a full circle to the well-anticipated season of love - Christmas!

With all good tidings and intents to shower our love, we welcome our newest edition of yearly bundles. Our personal curation of picks ranges from $20 to $30 (RTP. $23 to $37). Whether you're on a budget or simply in for the treats, these bundles are a sure-fire way to end off the year with kindness towards both you and others.

From monogrammed keychains to notebooks, our bundles are all-inclusive of your must-haves this Christmas 🤍

1. Budget-friendly ($20 Bundle)

Planning to host secret Santa? Get quality, personalisable gifts while staying within budget (Original RTP range from $22.80 to $26.80). Match either our Terrah Pouch, Ellie Pouch or 7C cardholder with our ever-so-popular keychains.

These items are not only handy-dandy for everyday use but also unique to their new owners with names stamped upon them.

2. Everything you want, but at a discount ($25 Bundle)

Have you seen the articles about work fatigue? Yeah, we relate to them too.

If anything that 2021 has taught us, it is that work will continue to integrate with life. And what better way to hype yourself for a day of productivity than with a new custom notebook, cardholder or lanyard.

Be prepared for the 9 to 5 life - whether from home or to the office with our $25 bundle. Pick out your favourite combination with a 1X keychain of choice and our Enya Notebook, Anders Cardholder or Layla Lanyard.

3. Smart-spending bougie kween ($30 Bundle)

We are not kiasu aunties. If anything, we are smart-spending KWEENS!

If you are anything like us, you would have definitely been waiting for our yearly bundles to be announced. Introducing our $30 bundle where you get to choose between 1X Enya Notebook, Anders Cardholder or Layla Lanyard and 1X Terrah Pouch, 7C Cardholder or Ellie Pouch.

Worth almost $40, you'll be walking away with major steals of big-ticket personalisable and faux leather items.


Christmas is truly the time of year where we take a seat and look back on all the people in our daily lives. While true relationships should not be equated to the price of gifts, these budget-friendly bundles are made with exquisite quality topped with customisation options that will relay your loving thoughts* to the receiver.

*Note: Our bundles come with a gift box and gift card given out at random.

Shop our Christmas Bundles today. Now available at THEGREYSPACE.CO

Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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