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Why a wallet makes a perfect gift?

What does a wallet symbolise?

A wallet is a place where we carry our cash, and credit cards and sometimes holds meaningful items in it. It is a symbol of wealth, success and ability as it holds your valuables. A wallet can also be a sign of luck and to some, dreaming of finding a wallet means luck and success. Giving a wallet to someone is blessing someone financially and wishing them success.

A wallet is important to many as it is also where they keep their identity card and other cards or photographs of their loved ones. It also helps to keep your pocket neat from crumbled receipts and cash!

What are the good occasions to give a wallet?

A wallet is an excellent gift for everyone! Some special occasions make gifting wallet more special like:

Gifting it as a graduation gift

- To wish the other party wealth, luck and success

Gifting it as a 21st Birthday gift

- To wish the other party a better, smoother, growing road to success

Gifting it as a 30th Birthday Gift

- To wish the other party a new chapter in life and more achievements

Gifting it to your partner

- To wish for everlasting luck and success in life together

A Gift for yourself!

- To encourage oneself that the road to success is on the way and good luck to yourself!

How to choose the right wallet?

There are many designs for laides wallet which can range from short to long wallet, minimalist or fashionista wallet!

Here is our new launch wallet that you can reference from!

Purses & wallets that have coin compartments are still highly sought after. If you or the person you are gifting a wallet to has more cards, get the tri-fold wallet or the long wallet to ensure you have sufficient space to put all your cards! Always check out the style your friend or loved ones go for before getting them as a gift. However, I am sure that they will love whichever you have chosen for them too.

A tip for gifting a wallet

Some people are superstitious about gifting wallets, to increase one's luck and success in life, some people will include cash when gifting the wallet, a gold coin aka $1 coin or cash note of $2 / $10 as luck to the person they are gifting the wallet to!

Let me know if you have any other tips when you send a wallet as a gift or what other superstition wallet stories you have heard before!

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