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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For Colleagues

Finding the best gifts for coworkers—gifts that are reasonably priced but more thoughtful than a giant stack of sticky notes and a Starbucks gift card—can be as stressful as a cluttered Excel spreadsheet. But, in our opinion, there are a couple of simple solutions.

Here are our holiday season guide picks for your bosses, work wives, work husbands and workmates.


Gift Bundle - Personalised Enya Notebook

With this stylish Enya notebook from TGS, which comes in five colour combinations and can be customised and set them up for success in the new year.

Enya Notebook is the ideal option for individuals who prefer to carry a journal with them at all times because of its simple, elegant design.

Perfect for taking notes during meetings or for making a new year's planner!

Personalised Milan Bottle

With a stylish water bottle like the Milan Thermal Bottle from THEGREYSPACE.CO, you can help them remain hydrated both at work and outside of it.

Although pleasant, novelty presents are simple to forget. A customised designer water bottle makes a useful gift that can be used daily, all year round. Your present won't be thrown away. Instead, it will be cherished for a lifetime.

Check out our new Milan Bottle designs!

Personalised Cody Cups

Give someone a special drinking cup designed by Cody to kick off the new year correctly. In response to our desire to get the most out of our favourite beverages, drinking glasses' designs are always evolving. On this cup, you can even add name for personalisation. What a cool thing!

With our Cody cups, you may look stylish and aesthetically pleasing at home or at work.



What is a practical gift for your colleague? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for other holiday gift guides? Check out our other posts or stay tuned for more!

Edited and written by:

Ning Rynisari.

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