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The It Girl: Bags for Aries

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Let's talk about the fashion sense and aesthetic for Aries placements. Whether you're an Aries sun, rising, venus or mars -- THEGREYSPACE.CO is jumping on the celestial waves and fueling your inner desire to bloom. Read on to find out which statement pieces were made for the fiery horoscope sign.

Characterised by their bold, punchy and daring personality, the Ram exudes a beckoning vibe wherever they go. Aries dress in a way that screams "I've arrived", calling for passers-by to notice your outfit and style -- crowning yourselves as the ultimate trendsetters or "IT Girls" of the horoscope. "Look at ME!" is the overall theme of an Aries personal wardrobe, dominated by their go-to reds, whites and other warm hues to complement their boldness. Here are our top picks for the strongest and most electric zodiac sign!


Aries fashion tends to lean towards combining pieces that you think would not go well together, yet somehow works. That's where our Luna Modular Interchangeable bag comes in! With the option to mix and match Luna's bag components, you can create the wildest combination that will oddly captivate you -- just like the one in the photo. (Combo showcased is Luna Navy Base, Smooth Mud Flap and Wine Wide Strap).

Aries fashion is also about wearing something bold -- be it the colour, shape, prints or material (e.g. Rihanna's see-through dress!). Probably the boldest from our recent collections, we have Samantha in seemingly hot pink! Samantha is a mini handbag decorated with bold, thick black seams to give it structure as well as warm hues from gold adornments and its striking colour -- likely made as an intentional statement piece for the woman in red, or an Aries.

Aries fashion also likely pioneers any trend. As much as you love bold, textured and daring pieces, your fashion playbook also includes chic items that will remain trendy with time. Whether you're playing into the Aries archetypes of tomboy or vixen fashion, Celina is the classic twist you can add to your wardrobe. As a simple baguette-shaped bag, Celina's timeless cut can be paired just as easily with a nighttime look, the oversized t-shirt and baggy jeans look or with high-cut boots, a bralette and a blazer.


Manifesting Aries season? Grab 5% off your total online purchase when you quote <ARIES5>, valid till 20 April 2022. T&Cs Apply.

Disclaimer: Suggestions made are not professional advice. Suggestions are purely personal opinions meant as a guide for fashion entertainment regarding the horoscope.

What zodiac would you like to see next? Comment them down below!

Written & Edited by:

Ameerah F.

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