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Ways to Celebrate Teacher's Day

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

An advocate of peace, Nelson Mandela, once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. A key supporter for this ray of hope is good teachers - the teachers who support us, push us to do better, and the ones who introduce us to various fields that we may find life passions in.

These teachers have done everything from learning with us to becoming the secondary up bringers who shape us into valuable contributors in society. And now, we've once again stumbled on the yearly affair where we appreciate and celebrate these wonderful humans who are positively changing the world, one child at a time.

Teacher's Day, 3rd September 2021, marks our responsibility of thanking the educators' presence in our lives. Though their contribution is irreplaceable, the efforts to express our appreciation through these suggestions will not go unnoticed!


Catch up with them

This year, teacher's day falls on a Friday, and best of all, we can now dine in with fully vaccinated people! So ask out your teachers for dinner and catch up with them on this commemorative date.

While it doesn't have to be a dinner, a simple text to your favourite teachers is more than heartfelt. Catching up with students, seeing how they've grown, and knowing what they are doing as contributing members of society is one of teachers' greatest pride. A simple invitation to dinner or greeting text shows them that they've truly made an impact on your lives, insinuating that you're still thinking of them all these years and that they were true role models for who you've become today.

Showcasing your love over gifts

Some would prefer pleasing their teachers with a gift, while others prefer greeting them with a card from the heart. At THEGREYSPACE.CO, we ask you, "why not both?"

Make their teachers' day an unforgettable one in return for their unforgettable contributions.

Splurge on a personalised but affordable lanyard, bag or even a bottle or cup while gifting them a greeting card, annotated with your heartfelt words that convey your emotion's in the right proportion*.

*Did you know? Each of our online orders come with a greeting card such as "Happy Birthday", "Just For You", and more! Type your requests in the "Add a Note" section on the cart out page to add your personal message.

For those planning to get personalised gifts, place your orders by Wednesday, 25 August, to receive your orders by 1st September! Just in time - After all, we wouldn't want you to relay your gratitude late.


We hope our suggestions will encourage you to celebrate nods of encouragement this teacher's day with all that is said. Thanks for reading this far and wishing all our secondary up bringers a big thank you and a Happy Teacher's Day!

Editor: Ameerah F.

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