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Dressing up this Raya at home

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

It's 2020, a third into the year, fasting is coming to an end. Fasting at home this year seems a little more difficult as you have lesser things to do and time passes a little slower than usual. However it gives us more time to think and reflect.💭

Although this Raya is going to be spent at home, but we should still proceed with our usual plan, have our prayers on time, send Raya gifts to our family and friends, dress up on Hari Raya and do a video conferencing with friends and relatives.

It is a pity to spend Raya at home, but let's all not forget, we have PAYNOW and PAYLAH. We can still receive E-Packets! (Oops) 🤳

This year, we were supposed to have a Hari Raya look book shoot. However due to the pandemic, we would not be able to do so. But, we are still able to do some illustrations for you so that you can be creative with your looks this Raya and impress your friends and relative with your outfit during your online meets! 💃💃

We have put together some looks for you that can help you to visualize with our bags.

This pretty pink bag is adorned with a beautiful jacquard fabric at the front lining of the pocket. The right kind of bag that will give your outfit its finishing touch to be the focus of attention; in this case it's our Limited Edition Janessa in Pink. It has a spacious interior which can fit almost all your daily essentials — such as 500ml water bottle, umbrella, phone, purse, wallet; pretty much everything! 🌂👛📱 It's a very beautiful piece, personally it is my favorite piece because I love pink and it is so suitable for Raya!😍

I'll recommend this bag to be used during a formal or event bag, you can don up with your favorite jewelries for an added flair and style!👏🏼

What i love about Hafas is its spacious interior which comes with 2 main divider and one small middle divider. It is definitely a to go work bag! With the space available, you would not need to worry about organizing your stuff again. You can arrive at work in style using it as a tote bag or sling bag - a perfect intersection of durability, sophistication and accessibility.

I’ve been told that Hafas is perfect for both school and work and that it's very easy and quite sturdy to carry around the whole day! For a formal look, I'd recommend carrying it as a tote bag or sling it for a more casual look! And fret not, its minimalist look is designed to suit for even Hari Raya. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

If your Raya outfit has prints, you may pair it up with Hafas for a contrasting look!

If you prefer a comfortable-to-carry, type of bag for school or work, I would suggest our Meredith backpack! It’s roomy enough to put in a 12” laptop and can comfortably hold in an iPad, water bottle, umbrella and your other important essentials.

Personally, I have Meredith myself, and I use it when I have to carry some bulky items in my bag like DSLR / polariod to work.

I prefer to stuff everything in one bag rather than carry 2, so Meredith is perfect for me when i am bringing out my heavy / big items out. 🙆🏼

It’s really low-maintenance, and easy to carry around. Most of all, the design allows you to carry it a few ways - as a backpack, a shoulder bag, a handbag. It is overall versatile in its simplicity. Soft yet structured, our Meredith backpack comes in three wearable colors - including black, mint green and navy! 😆😆

Oh yes, not to forget our Nella! Beautifully crafted, with fine detailing. Really sleek, stunning, and capable of pulling off almost any outfit. Nella may look like it has a slim-profile but it has enough compartments to fill all your essentials! It comes with 3 major compartments, 2 clip on and 1 with zip. If you like your things organized, Nella is definitely your bag.

I was told by my colleague that her sister use it as a new born mum bag. She literally stuff all her baby's diapers, bottles and clothing inside! If i have a chance, I will take a video to show you. 👶 👧🍼

Your best companion for Raya this year would be our Zarina handbag/ sling bag! It gives off a strong but at the same time, a sweet and demure statement. A modern-day functionality, it's really charming in its own ways. The handles can be brought down so everything will fall & look natural when you carry it as a sling. It is definitely big enough to fit your ipad and daily essentials! It's definitely suitable for Hari Raya due to its distinctive traditional/modern aura, if that's what you're aiming for! Its pillow shape design gives you a unique feel. Perfect OOTD look! 📸🤳

Anastasia features a clean yet structured with flexibility; it’s a bag that speaks to every minimalist. It is designed for convenience, durability. A good work / school tote bag if you ask me as it can fit 13" laptop and A4 documents. 📝📝

It comes with a zip so as to keep your items secure. You can also unfasten it to allow for easy access to objects inside the tote bag! Whether for fashion or functionality, Anastasia is a convenient bag for any purpose or occasion. If the color of your Raya outfit for this year is neutral, you can pair up with our Anastasia tote bag for a minimalist look.

Raya this year may be a little different than usual. However this period allows us to appreciate and cherish the time spent with / away from our families. Luckily, we live in a country / period where technology is advance. We can still call, video call with our love ones. Let's not let this pandemic dampen our festive mood but keep up the jovial spirit of Raya! Show up with your favorite Raya outfits and pose with beautiful bags through video calls with your relatives and friends!

Do not forget that we currently 10% off with promo code: ✨SG10✨

Good news! We have team up with Alia Anggun to put together some of their best seller outfit.

They are absolutely gorgeous! 💖

With exquisite material used, it is exceptionally cooling, easy to wear and breathable. My recommendation would be Idora in Mint. Pleasant to touch, highly detailed motifs - it has won the heart of many, inclusive of mine!

You can head over to their IG @aliaanggun to browse through. Just drop them a DM to order or via whats-app. They have many beautiful pieces for you to choose from.

1st piece: Idora Kurung

2nd piece: Zara Jacquard Kurung

3rd piece: Saloma Kebaya

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Signing off


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