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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

This month is centred around the home - yes, both self-isolation and celebrating our homeland.

With much of our hours spent in our cosy abode, what better way to liven the mood than with sprucing our home decor with cups, coasters and personalisable organisers.

1. Adam Cup

Adam boasts a graceful and minimal silhouette, coloured in soft hues to brighten up your tableware collection in the subtlest of ways. From being surrounded by the ever-so-trendy white-on-white kitchen, you'll now have sophisticated pops of pinks, blues and greens to make the home feel lived in.

More than a poetic treasure, Adam can hold a rather sizable amount of liquids to accompany you throughout your long WFH hours. Pour in a cool 400ml of water into Adam's glossy, glazed interior juxtaposed by its matte exterior.

Cool drinks leaving ring marks on your desk? No worries - with Adam, there's no need for coasters too! Coming with a lid, you'll be able to repurpose it into a coaster to catch the chilled condensations on your cup. When you're done working or just need a quick nap mid-day, simply pop on Adam's matching lid to safeguard your drink and head to bed!

When your drinks start to water down or become separated - go ahead & use Adam's spoon to stir it back to perfection. Or better yet, make a new cup of cooled refreshments as you vibe with Adam's exuberance of relaxation moods.

2. Marble Coaster

So, you already have a favourite cup? It's okay - I do too! Another way that we can make the home more homely, is by decorating tables with coasters!

More than a decorative item - coasters protect our tables from ring marks or anything that makes the home looks neglected. And like ourselves in this stressful period, our drinks also need a proper place to rest on - like a fancy coaster.

With our line of marbled coasters, your house will be decorated with a touch of elegance that's not over the top and at an affordable price of SGD$10.90! Not only that, but the price of our coasters are inclusive of customisation fees - this means you can decor your coasters with a unique name to you and your family.

Personalise something cute like "TheLims'Haus" (yes, it's a cute local family Youtube channel) and your friends' will be struck with awe by your fashionable exuberance of familial pride.

Coasters are simple and ever so effective in sprucing up the home.

3. Millie Pouch

She had her dedicated post but you're clearly sleeping on Millie - more than just a dump pouch, Millie's a personalised organiser.

Boasting a roomy interior AND interior pockets, Millie is sure to organise your makeup or work table. From cosmetics to stationaries, she'll be the one to get it done. The Millie Pouch is a versatile piece that makes organisation look simple and so, SO good.

If you are using Millie as a home pouch anyway, take her up to the next level and monogram usage purposes instead of names. Decorate your home with a "Cosmetics" Millie Pouch, a "First Aid" Millie Pouch and just one more with your name as an added measure. She's so Marie Kondo, so spark joy with the bare beau & make your home more livable.


In all seriousness, getting home pieces that make you happy to stay home is so critical in these times of isolation. We wouldn't want to spend 24 hours in a place that makes us unhappy either. So, something as simple as getting a cup in the colour that you like, or even a pouch to keep things tidy makes the home feel more cherished and taken care of. This practice of caring for the home extends to caring for the self - if we care for our surroundings, we liven our own moods to feel good at home. And we want that, for us and for you.

Let's make the home, our home. Together with THEGREYSPACE.CO.

Editor: Ameerah F.

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