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The Singapore Spirit: NDP 2021

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

At the juncture where Singapore turns 56, we find ourselves in a time of stress, worry, anxiety and all other woes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's a time where we can't go out without masks and hang out in big groups of friends like we used to, just a mere two years ago. We are more isolated than before yet together, in spirit.

All over social media, we see new initiatives and support for small businesses, coping with mental stressors, donation drives and even virtual hangout ideas. Right now, society relies on each other to drive through the road ahead (yes, referencing NDP Theme song 2021).

As we celebrate our country prospering another year, let us celebrate the Singapore spirit as well. Thank your friends, your family and even your colleagues for supporting and being there for you in this prevailing endemic time of disease.

Gift ideas? You got it!

1. Anson Cup

Boasting a beautiful marble effect all over its exterior, Anson Cup is the perfect formal gift for friends and colleagues. Be it a birthday or a simple token of appreciation, a personalisable mug can make any user enjoy a moment of much-needed tranquillity.

*Anson comes together with an elegant spoon and a lid that can be used as a coaster.

2. Fawn

Let's be honest, the pandemic has highlighted some of our major first-world issues. One - we have too many things. Two - we keep adding on to things we don't need e.g. clothes (When are you really going to wear that ball gown in Phase Two Heighten Alert?)

Keep your daily routine simple and pare down with Fawn, one of our new arrivals in the Quaint Noir Collection.

Designed as a wallet bag — Fawn interchanges between a clutch and a sling bag. Adorned with a push-lock metal closure on the front, Fawn is a fashionable add-on for when you make quick errand runs to pick up your kid or to the supermarket.

Featuring plenty of storage space with the multi-pouch design, you will be able to keep your dailies organised in the various compartments - such as your smartphone, keys and hand sanitiser. Forget the wallet because you'll be able to fit your three most used cards and cash notes into Fawn's wallet compartment.

Fawn is a bag that everybody NEEDs & lucky us, she is fashionable too - becoming the bag that everybody WANTs. Treat your gal pals or even yourself to this lovely new piece.

3. Aria

One thing that most fail to mention about what the Singapore Spirit stands for is Hope. Singaporeans dare to hope and dare to dream. We may be stuck in a pandemic, yet we see countless new businesses starting every day despite the difficulty to sustain. We see people planning their next travel adventures, their new to-do lists, foods they want to try - when the pandemic dies down.

We risk it all and hope for a better tomorrow.

Though the current default may be WFH (work from home), I'm sure some of us hope to see colleagues and friends more regularly. Gift your loved ones a symbol of hope, like Aria — the medium-sized workbag.

Enriched with stitched details, the world of Aria expands with the introduction of many compartments. When unclasp, you will be greeted with 2 wide storage compartments that fit a myriad of items. She allows easy access to your cards, keys and other loose security items that you may lug around on daily trips to work and back.

Aria is the perfect gift for colleagues or even fresh grads starting or finding work. Give back hope with Aria.


We know the importance of the Singapore Spirit; more now than ever before. Here's a push to get you started on gift-giving —

Quote <SG56> for 10% off your total order when you purchase over $65, from midnight tonight -- 7 August until 15 August 2021.

Promotion applicable both online and in-stores. Terms and conditions apply.

Editor: Ameerah F.

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