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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Say "TGS" if we're wrong, but shopping for a male is one of the biggest challenges ever. Guys are practical beings - they only use what they need, and most of the time the items referred to are a wallet, a watch and a pair of shoes.

If you're anything like me and have to wreck your brain for ideas, here are some practical gifts for your male companions.


Personalised Keychain

If the man is your romantic partner and you're moving into your humble abode soon, congratulations! Having a house is a big achievement and a thoughtful gift like this personalised keychain is great showmanship to celebrate the milestone.

If homes are yet to be in the cards, gifting a keychain could be a subtle hint for him to get his act together and propose (or apply for BTO).

Luther Laptop Sleeve X Enya Notebook Bundle

I've said it before and I'll say it again - men are practical users. With our exclusive online bundle, you'll be providing him protection for his techy investments and a notebook for all the ideas he gets after reading a book, watching shows or having conversations.

This bundle exudes clean lines and practical form, making any friend feel top-tier when receiving them. Not only that, these items are customisable and come with a gift box to get him to show you his sensible side.

Garth Long Cardholder

No holiday gift guide for him is complete without a wallet. In this case, a long multi-purpose cardholder.

Crafted to make organisation alluring and easy, Garth is the stylish wallet for any male wanting to pack light while lugging around multiple cards, cash and coins. Garth is also both sleek and slender, allowing users to monogram their names in gold or silver - complementing the silver hardware used to embolden it.


So, what would you get for him? Available at THEGREYSPACE.CO Looking for gifts for her? Read our other gift guides or stay tuned for more!

Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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