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Holiday Gift Guide: For Couples

Second only to Valentine's - this season of giving is often dubbed as that time of the year where we shower our significant others with love.

& what better way to celebrate love than to get matching gifts as a couple. Hop on the jolly Christmas mood and read through our curated list of gifts for couples.


Personalised Couple Tees

Have an adorable inside joke like Iron Man's "I love you 3000"? Get it printed on our line of personalised T-shirts.

Couple t-shirts can be sickeningly sweet - letting others know who is whose and becoming involuntarily third parties to your relationship - or meaningful to the couple alone, such as quotes from that one memorable date.

It's simply a must-have for every couple - from a month-old to any long-term #Couplegoals relationship.

Personalised Cody Cups

Anything that the pandemic has taught us is that dating can happen virtually too. It's a way to see your significant other during a lockdown and a way of making time for them even in busy work weeks.

Whether it's your next fine dining date via Skype or Airconsole Discord game night, flaunt off your cups decorated with your very own ship name.

A simple, meaningful gift for all the foreseeable dates - cuddling up at home or via the virtual space.

Personalised Keychains

Getting back to basics - personalised keychains are the simplest form of matching with your significant other. It's not too showy and easy to keep on you at all times.

Whether you're planning to get the same colour or monogram your ship name, personalised keychains are the timeless option for you.


And there you have it - a mini gift guide for couples. What would you get for your significant other? Comment them down below!


Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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