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Give Back a Bag: Mother's Day

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Anyone can be a mother but the love of a mom is unconditional. More than a parental figure who cleans and cook for us, they listen to our struggles and support us in everything we do.

With problems of their own, they persevere to provide us with the best possible opportunities without any complaints. All they ever ask for in return is for us to be decent human beings - to be kind, to respect others and to live out our dreams.

Here are some shared, moving stories of appreciation from you -

It’s safe to say that moms would sacrifice the world for us in a heartbeat, often neglecting their own well-being and happiness. This mother’s day, we want to encourage you to appreciate your mom. Give back the love she deserves, give back a bag.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the deserving moms out there — we love and appreciate you deeply.

Editor: Ameerah F.

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