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For A Week

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

If you only had one choice, which bag would you carry for a week?

Like our personalities, different people have different necessities to bring along every day. For example, just carrying a phone and wallet may suffice for some while others can’t bring themselves to leave home without their 13” laptop.

We all have that go-to bag, despite it being out of style or fashionably retired. This July, we believe that it’s time to shake things up. Read on to find out our go-to bags to carry for a whole week straight!


Introducing our very own structured flair, Janessa is the perfect bag to wear out from Monday to Sunday. Available in 4 neutral colours and presented in plain exterior, Janessa’s minimal design is easily pairable with any outfit. Its synthetic leather material also gives off a more formal and sturdy vibe, complementing any workdays or business events you might have throughout the week.

Not only that, but her spacious interior provides ample leeway for necessities that you may bring throughout the week. Whether it's grocery shopping or to work, rest assured that she can fit all the basics like your phone, EZ-link, tissue papers, and even larger items like water bottles too!

Pro-tip: Always get a sling - Our necessities to carry will change throughout the week, depending on the occasion and location we are going to! A sling bag allows you to carry your items on your shoulders, leaving your hands free for larger items such as your laptop too!


Absolutely, definitely, undeniably do not want to carry anything in your hands? Well, Anastasia is the bag for you! With a large interior, she boasts space that can fit your 13” laptop, A4 documents or 1-litre water bottle. Prepared to carry anything you throw at her, she’s ready to trudge through the week with you!

Minimal tote bags like Anastasia are also notorious for their timeless fashion. They literally fit any style and occasion, ranging from errand running, shopping, working or outdoor activities. For every occasion - With a bag like Anastasia, you’ll never want to switch bags again! (Psst, Anastasia is coming back this Saturday, 3 July 2021)


Hate the aching burden of a one-sided carry-on? This is our final alternative for you!

Our Ayla Backpack is an adorable bag with a sophisticated arc that draws your attention. The sturdy and cute outlook of its material and gold hardware is sure to suit any fashion or mood of the week!

Though cute, do not be fooled as it can house a variety of essentials. Its interior also boasts a pocket compartment to organise small items like tissue packets. Not only that, you’ll be greeted with 3 card slots for greater convenience. Just pick out your 3 most used cards to get through the day and leave your wallet at home - oh my, saving space and time already!


Bag shopping and fast fashion have always been correlated. This causes us to think we need to constantly switch bags or buy more fashion pieces to keep in trend. Save your money and mind from constant change and invest in timeless pieces like these.

Never go out of style with Janessa, Anastasia and Ayla. Wear them today, tomorrow or for a week!

Editor: Ameerah F.

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