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Gift Picks for Dad: Father's Day 2022

This Father's Day 2022, celebrate the superhero in the family with THEGREYSPACE.CO.

More than a female brand, we offer gifts and accessories for every occasion. So stop wrecking your brains and shop our top picks for dad!


Gift the gadget-enthusiast dad something to protect his techy valuables. In a tailored sleeve that's small on weight and huge on access, protect your dad's wallet (and laptop) with Luther 13" Laptop sleeve or Lennon 15" Laptop sleeve. Crafted with padded lining and a functional internal organisation compartment, these accessories combine the functionality of a protector and the stylishness of a work bag.

Each design is fitted with an inner pocket compartment so that dad can go out with only his laptop sleeve. Store cards and loose monies in the pocket. Tell dad that the sleeve is his and only his by personalising his name -- reminding everyone his things are'nt to be messed with!

Which dad doesn't like a cool t-shirt that reminds him he's the best? Personalise compliments, funny dad jokes or celebratory messages on our THEGREYSPACE.CO t-shirts. Choose between 1-liners or 2, and you'll be sure to make dad proud with his own goofy, comfy shirt.

For the last-minute gifters, you don't have to compromise on making gifts unique! Check out our Boris Thermal Bottle, a personalisable gift that can be ready within 15-45 minutes* in-stores! (Depending on the crowd traffic in store on that day.) Boris is the ideal bottle to accompany dad -- whether to commute to work or whenever he's thirsty. With a 2-in-1 filter, BORIS is the perfect vessel for brewing tea on the go, keeping drinks and hearts warm for up to 10 hours.


Father's day is more than a dad to celebrate fathers.

It's about celebrating the support - financial and upbringing - you've received over the years. Even if not for the conventional father, send love to those who've supported and acted as your parental figure with THEGREYSPACE.CO.

Written & Edited by: Ameerah F.

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