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#CuppaGoals - Coupled to celebrate you

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

[STICKERS ARE NOW FULLY REDEEMED] Valentine's is the day we celebrate the people we love -- it's a day to commemorate the reason of being, the people and interactions that make life better. It's the day we celebrate our friends, family and those we've coupled up with.

This year, we too have coupled up to celebrate you!

For those that have stuck around a little longer, you'd know that the TGS team loves to collaborate with local brands. SingaPrinting is one of our fellow homegrown friends, an online custom sticker printing provider in Singapore. As a one-stop shop for creative packaging, we've decided to create an Exclusive Limited Edition sticker to honour our undying appreciation to you -- the ones who have supported us from the start and along the way.

The vibrant stickers are custom designed and cut. Printed onto a premium vinyl material (bumper type) and laminated with a glossy finish, you can paste these waterproof die-cut stickers over any surface. You can also paste it over our bottles (as featured on Luca), or on our other homeware as a cute reminder of our relationship. #CuppaGoals (Couple Goals) Our friends at SingaPrinting has made the process of brewing love even simpler. Their team was accommodating throughout the way, recommending the best size and finish for our custom designs. Not only did they help our gratitude shine brighter, but their lead time was also incredibly short. So, within days, the lovely cuppas have reached our office. (SURPRISE! Some of you may have even received it too!)

With that, we'll be giving away our Exclusive Limited Edition Valentine's sticker with every online purchase while stocks last. We hope you love our collaborative token of adoration as much as we love you, the supporters -- be it collaborators (SingaPrinting) or customers. We appreciate it so much, and happy Valentine's!

Written & Edited by:

Ameerah F. In Collaboration with SingaPrinting

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