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IWD 2022: Carrying Confidence

This year, the theme of International Women's Day is #BreakTheBias, calling for gender equality and a world free from bias, stereotypes and discrimination. As society moves towards this ideal, we've seen more and more women finding success, chasing happiness and being rewarded fairly -- based on skills and aptitude despite physical appearances and backgrounds.

These women carry confidence wherever they go, having faith that they can accomplish anything. But, how do you find confidence?

Confidence is an investment -- you only feel proud when you achieved something because you dared to believe in yourself. One method to boost or kickstart the cycle of confidence is to look the part. For many women, feeling stylish boosts self-esteem. It's an empowerment for the daily and a viral inspiration to others around them.

Whether meeting friends, working or on a life adventure -- step out the door and into a new groove with confidence, accessorized with our fashion statements.


Make first impressions with structured allure. The modern appeal of our Samantha, Noella and Theresa mini bags beckons all eyes on you, lending you the power to speak your mind.

A timeless crossbody bag like Reene in Black is something to remember. Stand out from the crowd and boost confidence with a solid first impression.

Even at our most casual, fashion helps to exude a sense of authority. So indulge in self-respect and bring out slouch bags like Hilda, Belinda or our Beth Series (both mini & regular sized) whenever you run errands.


Whether you have achieved your goals, set an example, or are somewhere along that journey, be proud of your achievements.

#BreakTheBias by carrying confidence with THEGREYSPACE.CO. Written & Edited by: Ameerah F.

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