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Bare Beau

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Introducing our bare beau - Millie Makeup Pouch.

Unlike any other, Millie can contain a variety of cosmetics that comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only can she house over 10 of your favourite lippies in the EXACT same shade, but she also comes in 4 easy-to-pare colours for the everyday glamour.

The Millie Makeup Pouch is very much TGS - featuring a simple and practical shape which exudes an overall minimalistic allure. More than just its versatile outlook, the inside of the pouch packs a punch with plenty of room to keep make-up essentials organised in the smartest of styles.

Organising makeup never looked so good - finished with a crosshatched pattern and potentially, your monogrammed name.

Like your makeup choices, cosmetics is very personal to you. Why settle for random bags to house something so precious (and potentially costing hundreds of dollars)? Being part of our monogrammed series, make it known that Millie and everything you store in her is YOURS! Hot stamp your name and they'll know which queen all the makeup belongs to.

*Did you know? We've updated our monogram service! At just an additional $5.90, monogram a Maximum of 8 Characters for our Millie Makeup Pouch, including special characters like ♥(HEART), & (AND), .(FULL STOP), -(DASH), _(SPACING). For more information, check out our listing here.

Just because makeup isn't your cup of tea, it doesn't mean you should skip out on Millie! More than a makeup pouch, use Millie to store female sanitaries or to simply keep track of your mini essentials that may get lost in the messiness of your dump bags.

More than an organisational makeup pouch - Millie is the bare beau for everything you'll ever need.

Available in Black, Mud, Vintage Rose & Wine.

Editor: Ameerah F.

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