Plants & flowers are not part of the purchase and are just shown in photos for visual purposes. 


Our Komorebi x Jenelle Special Edition has only limited sets available, so do not wait and miss out!


Komorebi, when the sunlight filters through trees. 


Just like Komorebi, our Jenelle Special Edition effortlessly shines brightly, amongst the plants & flowers.


Made out of plastic, our hard cover Komorebi Bag Storage ensures your Jenelle Special Edition bag stays dust-free and in its original state of beauty as long as you'd like. The design of our Komorebi bag box is minimal & basic, the perfect yet simplest way to display your bag to leave others in awe & admiration. It is also elevated slightly (by 1cm) to give off this classy appeal. 


Our Jenelle Special Edition is made with soft synthetic leather, with a crocodile skin-like pattern to look unique and eye catching. 


Jenelle, the mini version of Janessa for those that are more into mini bags for a quick outing! With a more rectangular-based design, Jenelle can be carried as a sling bag, shoulder bag as well as a handbag. It comes with a dual zipper which allows the convenience of opening and closing of the bag. With a front slit, it allows easier access to slim items such as your EZ-link card.


Secured by a zip closure, Jenelle consists of 3 card slots in its interior and a space nice enough to fit your small wallet, smartphone and hand sanitiser!


Bag Includes:

- 3 Card slots

- Front slit


Komorebi Bag Storage Includes:

- Magnetic opening-closing process

- Elevated slightly with legs (1cm high)


  • Our Premium Series Bags were curated and designed to be functional, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and most importantly durable. Products from our premium series have been manufactured by a premium range of synthetic/faux leather and are semi-scratch resistant and water resistant.


    They are categorized under 2 main faux leather(s):

    • Saffiano-like Synthetic Leather
    • Stone-pressed Synthetic Leather


    Having traveled to various textile companies across a few countries, we have handpicked the right and best synthetic leather material for our self-designed premium series.


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