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Presenting Amber, our line of fun-sized backpacks all ready to be yours! With options to carry it as a backpack or sling bag, you'll get the freedom to carry Amber either way with you still looking cute and fashionable, no doubt! 


With 4 colours — Black, Blue, Purple & Mud, you’ll never get tired of styling them with the many outfits you own!



  • Our Premium Series Bags were curated and designed to be functional, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and most importantly durable. Products from our premium series have been manufactured by a premium range of synthetic/faux leather and are semi-scratch resistant and water resistant.

    They are categorized under 2 main faux leather(s):

    • Saffiano-like Synthetic Leather
    • Stone-pressed Synthetic Leather

    Having traveled to various textile companies across a few countries, we have handpicked the right synthetic leather material for our self-designed premium series.

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