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Holiday Gift Guide: For Colleagues

The end of the year is approaching - this means most of us will be clearing our leaves and going on vacations (via VTL). However, before logging off work for the year, we should appreciate the people who went through ups and downs with us - be it family, friends or colleagues (probably the people you spent an insane amount of time with since WFH has blurred personal and working hours).

Presenting to you the holiday gift guide for your work wives, work husbands and bosses -


Personalised Anson Cup

Remember all the cups of coffee that you and your team had to down to meet project deadlines? Unfortunately, we can't promise that those moments won't happen again - so why not up the workplace spirit with practical homeware?

Anson's sleek and classy allure is professional, yet when the entire team has one, it can be sentimental too. Having something that matches in a professional setting reminds anyone that they are part of a bigger unit and that all their contributions matter at the workplace.

A simple cup portrays an appropriate sense of gratitude and care, perfect for any professional acquaintance.

Gift Bundle - Wilna Wristlet X Jamila Lanyard

Adulting is when the favourite time of any workday is lunch - a war zone for any office worker.

With our exclusive online bundle, any office worker can have their essentials on standby - whether it's their work pass or smartphone. Not only that, this gift bundle will give any user the convenience of running errands hands-free.

A thoughtful gift for colleagues that you'll be heading off to lunch with together

*Items in the bundle are also sold separately.

Enya Monogram Notebook

It may be the age of technology, but nothing compares to writing your notes on paper. So let your colleagues stay on top of their schedules with our chic leather journals, Enya Monogram Notebook.

Apart from being a platform for jotting down ideas, planning or keeping in touch with your daily thoughts, Enya can be highly personal too. So stamp on the names of your dear work wives and husbands - they'll be ready for more challenges when the new work year arrives.



What is a practical gift for your colleague? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for other holiday gift guides? Check out our other posts or stay tuned for more!

Edited and written by:

Ameerah F.

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