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Adore me.

Valentine's is about love -- loving others and oneself.

This year, we are suggesting gifts that can be shared or kept mainly for you -- a proper tribute to the un événement of affection, adore me.


Those who don't participate in active reflection often think they didn't grow enough or do enough by the time New Year rolls around. As a result, self-disappointed arises because they don't remember the minor obstacles they faced throughout life. Keeping a journal forces us to reflect regularly. Day by day, keeping a journal allows you to see how much you've grown and better plan where you may go. It evokes mindfulness while providing a greater sense of confidence and self-identity. Present yourself with Enya -- no better gift than a symbol of growth.

Even for couples, keeping a journal can be a great tribute to your love. Whether it's old movie tickets, a reflection of the date or a picture, keep them all plastered in the book meant for you. See how much you've grown together.

Luther / Lennon Laptop Sleeve

School and work are things that we don't particularly enjoy but do to survive. We have many gadgets that help us process the activity more efficiently, such as our laptops. Because work is a significant part of our lives, we use laptops and tools regularly without much care for them. When was the last time you wiped your screen, cleaned the keyboard or ate away from the computer? Laptops are means to survival, so protect your livelihood as you care for yourself -- keep your laptop scratch-free and dust-free as much as possible with our Luther or Lennon Laptop sleeves. Get them for your loved ones too! Whether it's your couple name or matching the cases, work will always be accompanied with some love and care -- a simple remembrance of your love every time you take your laptop out of our monogrammed sleeves.

Sometimes, all we need is a cup of something sweet or warm to uplift any mood. It's nothing too fancy, but a great gift to express love for yourself, the Earth or others. Take a sip of goodness made for you with our personalised bottles and cups collection.


Adore you, adore me today. Written & Edited by: Ameerah F.

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