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My First Love

13 November 2021 | 12 pm

Luna is a meld of versatility and movement - mix up her countless colour & style combinations with your preferred fit.

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"For all of us, women - the modern folks, romantic dreamers, day to night explorers, the hardworking women. To the more unapologetically, ambitious, indestructible You."

Luna was created to adorn women. It is how we express self-love, freedom, and inclusivity. 

Whether you are choosing to dress chic or fun, Luna is the bag styled to fit you. 

The bag does not style you. YOU style Luna.

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"series of flaps with different colours and materials that would be suitable for all occasions"

& 3 types of Straps


3 Bases, 8 Flaps

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OUT now.

13 November 2021, 12pm.

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