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Meet our all-new Forbye, Collection. A series on bags in addition to those you love best, playing around with size, from minis to upsize, while keeping to the shape you treasure.


With ample space for notebooks and more loose items in her outer pocket, Belinda makes the perfect casual bag for whenever and whatever.


With a variety of solid colours available, spice up your t-shirt and jeans combo while carrying all you ever need in your daily repertoire.

A polished design isn't the only thing that beckons attention to Janessa.


Adorned with gold hardware, premium saffiano-like leather and generously spaced interior, Janessa is one of the most functional beauties under our belt.

Beth features all the things you love in its mini version, with more space!


So whether to lug your notebooks to the library or documents to work, Beth has your back!

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Coming in the most adorable size, Theresa's structured body is further emphasised by a thick black outline -- bringing your attention to the cute bag that it is.


Her rectangular body also presents just enough space for loose items like lippies, hand sanitisers and all other things you rather keep out of hand or pocket.


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There's something so elegant about a curve. So bring out your feminine allure with Joelle, the bag famous for its circular silhouette. Now back with our stylish signature logo, you are sure to awe passers-by with your femme fatale as you parade to your next date or girl's night out.


Despite Joelle's demure facade, the bag can surely pack a punch -- coming together with 3 inner card slots to keep things organised. So whether you carry your entire makeup routine by hand or sling, Joelle is the perfect accessory to have by your side.


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Made to complement and be adored by everyone, Noella combines sleek lines and arches to make a miniature and working art form.


With space just enough for your hand sanitisers, keys and Tracetogether Token, Noella is the go-to mini bag for parties, raves, networking events and all other situations where big bags can be a hassle.


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With Reene, you'll have all the convenience and style of its smaller counterpart (Rykiel) and more, now able to fit more oversized items like a long wallet.


Both spacious and functional, this contemporary piece lends itself perfectly to any occasion.


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Trapezoid-shaped shoulder bags are coming in hot this year. Never go wrong with a small-sized, minimalistic and structured bag like Uriya.


Whether to town or an old-fashioned cafe date, Uriya is the companion to wear on your shoulder.

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